How High To Mount TV

How High To Mount TV On Wall – Calculate Right Height

Mounting a tv in the perfect location on the wall is easy and simple when you know how high to mount a tv. Mounted tv on the wall is a great addition to your room which gives an outstanding outlook in your home.

Watching your favorite shows or movies on a mounted tv can be another level of pleasant which give you quality time to spend with your family. Keep in mind that there are multiple factors that are directly related to a comfortable mounted tv place.

One of those factors is simply deciding how high to mount the tv on the wall. Bear in mind that watching tv which is mounted in an incorrect position on the wall can surely impact your viewing experience.

When your mounted tv is placed at an incorrect height can cause pain in your neck and can cause eye strain as well. We provide details through which you can easily set the proper height of your mounted tv. Let’s get into the further details!

How High Should You Need To Hang A TV?

Make sure to check multiple things before setting a perfect height place for your mounted tv. These considerations are given below:

Check The Overall Viewing Distance And The Size Of Your Desired Room

The size of the room is the important factor that gives you a good or bad experience with your mounted tv location. You need to check various things such as what is the design of your room and the material.

How much wide is the room? how much total distance between the mounted tv place and your seating area? Will tv glare is an issue for you? Where are the electric outlets either near your mounted tv place or far? When you check all these things then you will get the perfect height for your mounted tv.

Moreover, keep in mind that viewing distance is the core thing that can give you the best entertainment experience. Otherwise, when you don’t check the distance of your seating area to your mounted tv place, then it can not give you an ideal entertainment experience.

Bear in mind that being too far makes a bad impact on your vision and also contributes to feeling less engrossed. Furthermore, being too close to a wall-mounted tv can cause headaches.

Size OF Your TV

It is necessary to measure your tv screen before mounting. Keep in mind that wider size tv is specially mounted on a higher place than the narrower tv size. When you place the mounted tv in the best-heightened place, then it will surely give you a balanced view.

How To Easily Decide Your TV Mounting Height?

Undoubtedly, eye level is the ideal height to mount your tv on the wall. Also, you can easily watch your mounted tv when you are laying down. Make sure that your room design and setup play an important role which is also the core obstacle while mounting your tv.

Moreover, if you don’t have enough space on one wall and it can be due to a full-size fireplace, then it is better to look for a different wall. You can move your furniture to other places where you feel more comfortable while watching tv.

Keep in mind that sometimes the higher height of the mounted tv doesn’t matter, but its matters that it will be not too much higher or lower which causes a headache.

The below table will give you a better understanding that what screen size will give you comfort at a specific distance from the floor.

TV Height TV Size Mounting Height
15.7” 32” 34.2”
19.6” 40” 32.2”
24.5” 50” 29.7”
27” 55” 28.5”
29.4” 60” 27.3”
31.9” 65” 26”
34.3” 70” 24.8”
36.8” 75” 23.6”

Is It Necessary To Mount A TV Too High?

Almost every manufacturer recommends mounting a tv height, which is not too much lower or higher. Otherwise, it can affect your vision and it surely chances that you get headaches when you don’t consider a perfect mounting height.

Everyone watches tv in a different style. If you are a person who watches tv only for the purpose of news or gets the latest sports scores, then mounting tv on a higher place will not cause any issue. In this case, you don’t get any neck pain just because you are not spending too much time watching tv.

But there are people who love to watch tv and they pull chairs all the way back and want to enjoy the tv shows or movies. If you want to watch tv while laying on the floor, then it is a matter that how high to mount the tv on the wall.

Furthermore, when you mount the tv height above your eye level, then you will not get any complaints about neck strain or other issues.

Best Tips For TV Mounting

The below-listed tips will give you ease and provide great comfort while watching mounted tv at a specific height.

Center of the TV

If you want to enjoy the experience of watching tv for a longer run, then you should need to check the middle section of the tv. All you need to do is check whether the middle section of your tv is at a comfortable vision level or not.

Mark your positions

You need to use an erasable marker or a pencil, make sure to mark the left and right of the tv where you want to mount your tv on the wall.

Weight of the tv

It is better to screw into the wall studs which give maximum weight support to the mounted tv. If you don’t use screws properly into the studs, then your tv can fall and lead to a broken tv.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What if I don’t use the proper height for the mounted tv?

Ans. When you don’t measure the proper mounted tv height, then it can cause multiple problems such as headaches, vision strain, and neck pain.

Q. What is the ideal height for mounted tv?

Ans. Well, this thing also depends on multiple factors such as how much time you can spend while watching your tv, whether you just sit to get live sports scores or want to enjoy your favorite movie. Make sure to place your mounted tv height which is above your eye level.


Mounting a tv at a perfect height level will enhance your watching tv experience. With the above-given information, you can easily get an idea that how high mounting a tv is necessary for your vision.

Make sure to sit too close to the tv while watching your favorite shows or movies, because it can directly impact your vision and can cause eye strain, neck pain, and headache. Moreover, the perfect mounting height of your tv also depends on your tv size and room designs.