How To Mount TV On Brick Fireplace

How To Mount TV On Brick Fireplace Wall – Step By Step

When you are done with your living room painting, now it’s time to mount the tv on a brick. Are you wonder that how to mount a tv on a brick fireplace?

Mounting a tv on a brick wall is not difficult to work do, but it requires specific preparation which gives your room an elegant look.

When you know what tools are required and what specific preparation you need to do before mounting your tv on a brick fireplace, then mounting a tv on a brick wall is not hard for you.

This step-by-step guide will give you information that how to mount a tv on a brick fireplace which can easily elevate your entertainment. Keep in mind that the innovative slim design of the tv can easily mount the brick wall and you can enjoy it while watching your favorite movies and sports with your family.

We also outline a few tools which help you to drill into the brick wall to securely mount your tv. Let’s get into the further details directly!

What Are The Supplies I Need For Mounting A TV On A Brick Wall Fireplace?

While having certain supplies and tools, you can easily mount your tv on a brick wall fireplace. Make sure to gather all the below-listed tools before starting the process of mounting your tv on a brick wall.

Power Drill:

Using a cordless drill with a hammer power drill in another level, which can drill the brick wall without any hard effort. Also, it is safe for the brick wall quality.

Keep in mind that you don’t need to use an impact driver because they can over-tighten the screws which can harm the brick wall.

TV Wall Bracket:

You can find multiple ranges of sizes wall brackets, which can easily support the weight of your TV.

Masonry Drill Bits

It has chisel-like tips and can easily drill into brick surfaces without harming the quality of the brick wall. Most of the fastener kits are comes with a quality masonry bit.


While using a level to mount your tv will give you complete ease to get a level tv positioning on the brick wall.


The use of permanent marker will work great and it will show up amazingly on the brick wall. It will help you to get a perfect drilling spot on the brick wall fireplace.

Screws or Anchors

You can use plastic wall anchors and concrete screws to securely hang your tv on a brick wall.

Make sure to use concrete screws if you want to mount a heavier size tv that is over 75 pounds. The plastic wall anchors can work great on lighter-size TVs.


The use of washers is common when mounting your tv on a brick wall fireplace because the slots on the mounting hardware can be too large, especially for a screw head.

Measuring Tape

For an accurate bracket placement, the use of a tape measure is necessary. Otherwise, it is difficult for you to correctly place the bracket on the brick wall fireplace.

Safety Gear:

It is essential to use safety gear while mounting your tv on a brick wall. These safety gear can be eye goggles, protective gloves, and a dust mask.

Wearing a dust mask will keep your lungs and eyes clean during the drilling process.

7 Best Steps: How To Mount TV On Brick Wall Fireplace?

If you want to mount your tv on a brick wall fireplace, then you must need strictly follow the below-given steps. These steps are easy to follow and within a short period, you can easily install your tv on a brick wall fireplace.

Step 1: Choose a location where you want to mount your tv

It is necessary to confirm the location where you want to mount your tv. Also, before drilling any holes in the brick wall you need to check that your desired location for mounting the tv has an electrical outlet nearby and a cable jack.

Moreover, keep in mind that fewer visible cables mean a better-looking installation appearance.

Step 2: Check the best installation height

You must need to place your tv with the manufacturer’s recommended directions. If you are using a two-piece bracket, then make sure to attach both pieces to the back of your tv which you want to mount on the brick wall.

Moreover, if the measurement is 6 inches, then the bottom of your tv must be 48 inches from the floor, which measures only 54 inches higher.

Step 3: Use a marker to mark the drill holes

Not its time to use a level to accurately measure the bracket position evenly. After checking the position correctly, you need to mark the brick wall where you want to screw the hole.

Moreover, it is better to avoid mortar while drilling or marking the screw hole. This is because mortar is much more softened than a brick wall.

Step 4: Time to drill the holes

If you are working with the hammer drill, then set all the things to the hammer setting. When the bit is digging into the brick wall, then you can now increase the drill speed.

You can continue your drilling process until you reached the desired depth which is marked by the measuring tape.

Step5: Carefully install anchors

If your tv weight is not much high or lightweight, then installing anchors is the best choice for you.

Step 6: Install the tv brackets correctly

After screwing the bracket into the brick wall holes, you need to check the bracket level. If you think that bracket level is in the right position then tighten the other screw until you think the bracket is secure.

Step 7: Finally, Install the tv

If you have two-piece brackets with your tv, then make sure to tighten them securely on the wall bracket. But if you have one piece bracket, then you must need to take help from another person which can hold the tv.

After that, you need to screw through the tv bracket. Furthermore, if the cables of the tv are hanging down, then consider placing the piece of furniture to hide the cords.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I hide wires after mount tv on a brick wall?

Ans. Hide tv wires on the brick wall is possible, but it requires a specific type of hardware installation.

Q. Is there any special equipment required to mount a tv on a brick wall fireplace?

Ans. Keep in mind that mounting a tv on the brick wall fireplace requires special hardware tools or equipment. The most common tools that are specially used for mounting tv on a fireplace can be masonry bits and a hammer drill.


Mounting a tv on a brick wall fireplace is easy when you follow all the above information which is given in a simple guide. You can amazingly enjoy entertainment while watching your favorite movies or sports with your family.

Moreover, while mounting a tv on a brick wall fireplace you must need to elevate the tv angle which is comfortable for your eyes or give perfect vision.

Also, there are multiple tools through which your mounting tv on a brick wall task will be easier and time-saving.